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Welcome to Communicate IT! My name is Graham Arts and I’m the Sooke School District’s Principal for Information Technology. My background is in public education both as a teacher and as a principal. In May, 2011 I accepted my current position as the head of the district’s IT department. I have given myself a 5 year timeline to transform the school district’s IT infrastructure and educational initiatives. My personal goal is to ensure that our infastructure and our initiatives are more responsive to the needs of modern learners and faciliates teaching in a modern context.

I’ve set this up as a method of communicating to the Sooke School District and to the community about the work being done by the district’s IT Department as we move forward towards our goal. In addition to keeping the schools and community up-to-date, this site also aims at providing special postings when issues emerge that are relevant to the use of IT in education. Regular postings (intended as department updates) will occur monthly. Special postings (dealing with items of special interest and/or emergent issues) will occur in between regularly-scheduled postings.

The site itself is being maintained on our district’s Sharepoint system. I have chosen this platform purposefully, as our district is moving towards a full deployment of Sharepoint to facilitate infromation management and communications. Sharepoint’s blogging features are somewhat limited, but then again, this isn’t a full blog. It’s meant as a vehicle to record the progress of the department and communicate it to the world. As such, commenting is disabled (though being relatively new to Sharepoint, I’m not sure how to completely hide the features of a blog from the bottom of each posting.

When I do choose to post an opinion piece, I will put it on my blog The Wired Principal​.

I look forward to keeping the schools and the community up-to-date.

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