Special Posting – Microsoft Home Use Program comes to the Sooke School District

During the March Monthly Update, the IT Department announced that we had signed on to a province-wide licensing scheme for a variety of Microsoft products. These products are designed to be installed on our district-owned equipment, and gives us access to ongoing product upgrades for a predictable three-year cycle.

Earlier this week BCERAC (the provincial organization that was key to our being able to access the licensing agreement) announced that all district participation in this provincial program also enables employees of those districts to purchase licenses to use Microsoft Office Professional 2010 (for Windows) or Microsoft Office 2011 (for Mac) at a significantly discounted rate. The pricing for this program is supposed to be confidential, so we will not be publishing details on our district’s blog. However, we strongly urge any school district employee to take advantage of this program, rather than buying off-the-shelf at local retail stores.

Later on this afternoon, we will distribute more detailed information to our district’s employees. In order to register for the program, employees must use their @sd62.bc.ca email addresses. Hotmail, gmail, and other commercial addresses will be rejected by Microsoft. Further, the information needed to access the program is considered confidential, and cannot be distributed outside of the school district.

If you are an employee of the school district, but you did not receive the email instructions for accessing this very exciting program, please request the infromation directly from your school’s administration or clerical staff.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send them our way.

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