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Microsoft Lync Added to Software Catalogue

During this past summer’s upgrade, the IT Department included a number of enhancements that have yet to be fully rolled-out to our district’s users. We have delayed announcing some of these features because they are new to our district and … Continue reading

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Special Announcement–District-Wide Hardware Refresh 2012-2013

The IT Department is continuing with its efforts to refresh outdated equipment within the school district. Regular readers of the blog will know that over the course of July and August, we replaced over 700 workstations. However, much of the … Continue reading

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District-Wide Upgrade–Latest News–Connecting Local Printers

The IT Department’s technicians are working as quickly as possible to resolve the issues related to missed machines during the summer upgrade. As the technicians undertake scheduled visits to each school, we expect that the remaining machines will be connected … Continue reading

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District-Wide Upgrade–Final Steps

We are now in the final phases of work related to the district-wide upgrade. There are two significant tasks that remain to be completed by our department’s technicians: 1) Removal of old equipment, and 2) Connecting up machines missed in … Continue reading

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District-Wide Upgrade Update–Catching Up on Missed Computers

As we continue to implement our new IT infrastructure, we are now in a position to  address any machines that were missed during the summer’s upgrade. Each computer that was connected to our new system had to be directly visited … Continue reading

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Help Desk During 1701 Data Collection

Each year, the School District reports its student enrollment numbers to the Ministry of Education by September 30th. This year, the snapshot date for this data collection (known as 1701) is September 28th. At this time every school year, our … Continue reading

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Software Do-It-Yourself Installation Guide

Now that the district software catalogue has been made available, individual users who need this software software titles can conduct an installation from inside of the school district (only). This is very important to remember. If you are a laptop … Continue reading

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District-Wide Upgrade Update – September 11, 2012

The IT Department continues to make progress in addressing the issues related to our recent upgrades. This update deals with two topics: Access to IEP Central for Integration Support Teachers, and User-Initiated Software Installations for pre-approved titles. We will also … Continue reading

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Special Posting – Finding Your Files and Favourites

When our district’s IT Department migrated its users to our new system, a number of things changed, including where their documents and favourites were stored. I’d like to give a special thanks to Anthony Coppens for taking the time to … Continue reading

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Status of District-Wide Upgrade

I’d like to start by acknowledging that this posting is long. However, its length is directly connected to its importance in light of the recent district-wide technology upgrades. I ask you to read this in order to familiarize yourself with … Continue reading

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