Software Do-It-Yourself Installation Guide

Now that the district software catalogue has been made available, individual users who need this software software titles can conduct an installation from inside of the school district (only). This is very important to remember. If you are a laptop user, you cannot successfully install this software while on the road or at home. We plan to push out most of this software as part of the upgrade. However if you’re logged in to your workstation and you need one of these titles immediately, this guide is for you!

Special Note: The images included in the body of this guide are small. However clicking on them should bring them up to full size.

Step 1 – In Internet Explorer, connect to our district’s Software Catalogue. This doesn’t work for other browsers. The page should look like the one pictured below. Some software titles shown may not be available to you due to licensing restrictions.

Step 2 – Click on the name of the software title you want to install. In the case of the image below, the selected package is Google Earth.

Step 3 – Click on the ‘Install’ button in the lower right-hand corner of your window. You should get a confirmation screen that looks like the one pictured below. You may get a warning that the computer will have to restart. This is not a problem (just make sure you’ve saved all of your work). Click on the ‘Yes’ button.

Step 4 – The software will begin downloading shortly. The speed at which this happens depends on whether you’re on a wired, or wireless connection. There are also other factors, such as the size of the program being installed. When you click on the ‘Yes’ button as given above, the browser window will change to look like the one pictured below.

Step 5 – Another window will open as the software starts to download. This window may be hidden behind your Internet Explorer screen, but you should see a new icon appear along the bar along the bottom of your screen. If you click on that new icon, you should see a screen that confirms the installation is taking place. This is the Software Center, an application that has been installed on all computer

 Step 6 – Once the software finishes installing, you’ll see a confirmation window. Click on ‘OK’ to close it. You can also close the Software Centre Window. Your new program is now installed and ready to use!

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