Changes Coming in SharePoint

SharePoint is just one of the tools that our district uses to store and share information. Over the years, we have used a number of different versions of the software. In order to better manage the information that is stored in SharePoint and to make it easier for people to find information, we are moving to a single version of SharePoint. This work will happen over the next few weeks.

Our current SharePoint addresses are: – Our first version of SharePoint – Our second version of SharePoint – Current version of SharePoint – Hosts district-wide information – Current version of SharePoint – SharePoint for individual users

Once the migration is complete, we will have only two versions of SharePoint: and

While the moves are happening, you individual users don’t need to take any special steps. If you visit a site that has been moved, you will get the following message:

School District 62 – SharePoint Update Project – Page Has Moved

The SharePoint page you have requested has been moved to http://… (this will be the full address of the new location).¬†Please follow this link and update any of your shortcuts to the new address.

If you get a SharePoint page with this message, simply click on the address given in the message and you will be taken to the information that you’ve requested.

If you have any questions about this migration, please feel free to post a comment and/or give our Help Desk a call at 250-474-9875.

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