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On Saturday, November 21st, the CommunicateIT blog was updated with information on the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Summit, and we gave November 30th as a probable timeline for making GAFE available for students. Today we are pleased to announce that effective November 30th students with signed consent on file will be given access to the GAFE system. We apologize, in advance, for the length of this post, but feel it is important to give complete information regarding the roll-out of this exciting tool for students and staff. To make for an easier read, we’ve broken this posted into a heading on timelines, and then detailed procedures. Teachers who are interested in using the GAFE tools with their students should read both parts of this posting.

Part 1 – Timelines

  • November 25th 2015 – Teachers may start sending home the SD62 GAFE Letter of Intent and the SD62 GAFE Consent Letter. Both forms must go home so that parents are fully informed, but only the consent form needs to be returned to the school.
  • November 26th, 2015 – Teachers can start requesting GAFE accounts for those students who have signed consent forms returned. It is most helpful for our IT Department staff if all the requests for a class can be received at once.
  • November 27th, 2015 – The first batch of student accounts will be created after 3:00 PM. Any requests received by noon for student accounts will be processed.
  • November 30th, 2015 – The first group of student accounts will be available.
  • Daily, from November 30th Onward – Teachers can request student accounts. Any requests received before noon will be processed overnight, and be available the next morning.
  • From December 1st Onward – Graham Arts will be available to brief groups of teachers upon request. Details on booking a staff briefing will be released in the near future.
  • On or before December 11th, 2015 – Additional details regarding printing from Chromebooks will be made available.

Part 2 – Detailed Procedures

  • Teachers can request a GAFE account by emailing Nicole Kowalko on Help Desk. Teachers do not need to receive a GAFE briefing before requesting and receiving a teacher GAFE account.
  • Teachers will need to keep track of the consent forms. Once the consent is confirmed, the forms will need to be kept in the student’s file in the main office.
  • Accounts need to be requested by a class’ teacher. Prior to making a request for an account, a teacher must receive a briefing on the acceptable uses of GAFE, and then complete an online form indicating that they have read the reference materials.
  • When a teacher makes a request for GAFE accounts on behalf of their students, they will need to give the IT Department the following information:
    • The teacher’s name
    • The name of the school
    • The name of the class and/or division as it is given in MyEdBC
    • The names of the students who DO NOT want a GAFE account.
    • The student numbers of students who DO NOT want a GAFE account.
    • We have decided upon this approach on the assumption that most students in the class will want an account, and will get the full consent signed. Therefore it’s easier for teachers to communicate to us this smaller amount of information, and it’s easier for IT to note the small number of students for whom accounts cannot be created.
  • Requests for student accounts can be made by email to Nicole Kowalko on Help Desk. Requests must be received by email so that we have a record of the request being made.
  • For each student account that is created, there will be some important changes (as follows):
    • Their SD62 computer login name will change:
      • Their current login is their MyEdBC student number
      • Once they receive a GAFE account, their SD62 computer login name will change to their first an last initial, and the last four numbers of their MyEdBC accounts. In rare cases, we may have to modify a student’s login information to prevent the duplication of SD62 login and GAFE accounts.
      • For example, a student account that used to be 987654 would now become ga7654 for both SD62 login and GAFE
    • Although their computer logins will change, they will continue to use their MyEdBC student number to sign out library books on either L4U or Follett.
    • When a GAFE account is first created for a student, their password will be their account name. Continuing from the above example, if the student’s new account is ga7654, that will also be their initial GAFE password.
    • Students will have to change their GAFE password the first time they login to the new system. Their new passwords must have a minimum of 8 characters.
    • The students’ SD62 login password (for logging onto a computer) will remain unchanged.
    • SD62 network passwords and students’ GAFE account passwords are managed separately. If a student changes their SD62 network password, their GAFE password remains unchanged until they initiate a change from within the GAFE system.

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