Holiday Shopping for Electronics Suggestions

As we move into the holiday season, the IT Department is often asked about deals on technology for personal use. In anticipation of holiday shopping, we have put together a number of suggestions for you. If you are shopping for electronics for the holidays, give these a try. Please note that they aren’t presented in any particular order. Also, the IT Department cannot recommend any particular software or electronic equipment for personal use, nor can we provide support for any personal purchase made. We hope that you find these selections helpful for you as you shop for the holidays.

CDW Canada

The IT Department purchases much of its district equipment from CDW. As a school district, CDW gives us some of the best rates on electronics. But they also sell for personal use. Even better, as an employee of SD62, you can buy equipment from CDW online at the same rates paid by the district. Purchases are made online through their Employee Purchase Program. In order to access the EPP, you need to visit:

You will need to create an EPP account for yourself. You’ll need a combination of your school district email address (for verification that you are working for the school district) and the program number. For confidentiality reasons, the program number cannot be published to our blog. However, if you email Graham Arts from your School District account, it can be forwarded to you.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to access the entire catalogue. One word of advice is to only order items that are in-stock, especially if you want to receive it by the holidays.

Microsoft Canada Online Store

Microsoft Canada has an online store that provides educational discounts to school district employees. The discounts offered to the education sector are usually at least 10%, but can be much deeper depending on the product. You will need to access the Microsoft Store online and create an account using your SD62 email address. In order to access the Microsoft Store online, please visit:

There is a radio button that allows you to indicate whether you are K-12. Make sure you choose that for your selection. From the popup menu, choose BC, and then enter either ‘Victoria’, ’Sooke’ or ‘Port Renfrew’ as your city. Your school name should pop up from there. If you aren’t assigned to a particular school, you can choose any from the list. The most important thing is that you have an SD62 email account. You will then have to check the box confirming that you’re eligible for the pricing (which you are as an employee of the district). Once you’ve made your selections, you can begin shopping for education pricing on a wide variety of products from the Windows world.

Apple Canada Education Store Online

The Apple Store offers discounts similar to those for Microsoft, with one big difference. Apple’s discounts are almost always 10% (only) from what you’d expect to find in a retail store. In order to visit the Apple Education Store Online for Canada, visit:

Once you arrive on the page, click on the K-12 radio button. There is a search box that asks for a school or city name. Put in the name of your school, or enter ‘Sooke’. The only choice that comes up in the list is the Apple Educator Advantage. Click on that choice from the list and a button will appear allowing you to shop for yourself. When you’re ready to buy, you’ll have to use your SD62 email address in order to get the pricing you see. If you don’t have an account with Apple yet, please make sure that you use your school district mail when you create one. As with the other sellers, your district email address is their proof that you work in our district and are eligible for the discounts.

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