Service Improvement – Guest Wireless Accounts

We are pleased to announce that we are streamlining our processes for creating guest wireless accounts on our two guest networks (SD62 Login and SD62 Login(Fast)). These networks have been created to allow our SD62 users (students and staff) to bring personal devices to school or work, and then use those devices on our wireless network. Anyone with an SD62 username and password has been automatically able to use this network for a number of years already.

We also have had the ability to create temporary usernames and passwords for guests to our district so that they can have Internet access on these same wireless networks. Up to now, these accounts had to be requested through the IT Department’s Help Desk. Starting tomorrow (December 4th, 2015) guest accounts for the SD62 Login networks can be created by designated staff members at individual schools and workplaces. Accounts created at the local level will have network access for 72 hours (3 days). If a guest needs their access renewed, that can also be done at the local level.

In some cases, a guest user may need access for a longer period. If that is the case, these accounts need to be requested from Help Desk (by calling 250-474-9875, or emailing

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