Monthly Project Update – February 15, 2016

What is a Project?

In the world of IT, a ‘project’ is work that brings about something new, and that requires some sort of significant commitment on the part of the district, a school, or a department. Generally speaking that significant commitment will involve one or more of:

  • Technical resources
  • Budget
  • Time
  • Technician hours
  • Planning and scheduling

Over the course of the school year, the IT Department undertakes and completes a number of projects. Some of them are very large, and some are smaller in scale. Starting this month, and from now on, we will be regularly posting an update on projects. This will usually include a summary of the projects completed, the ones on which we are currently working, and those which should be starting soon. Our goal is to keep student, teachers, support staff and the wider community up-to-date on the work that we are doing on your behalf.

Recently Completed Projects

  • Facilities Building Construction – Installed network, servers, workstations, wireless access points and switches
  • Transportation Building Construction¬†– Installed network, servers, workstations, wireless access points and switches
  • On-line Registration – Completed a major update to support the registration of students in Grades K through 12
  • On-line School Change Requests – Built and deployed a system to allow parents to request school changes on-line
  • On-line Academy Registration – Updated the system to take into account new academies starting up at different schools and the new registration timelines
  • Elementary/Middle School Labs – Completed a remote re-installation of software in the labs and had a technician visit each school to repair/replace as many computers as possible
  • Deploy Additional Computer Labs at Belmont and Royal Bay – One additional small computer lab was deployed in each building to support programs and make sure there were enough workstations for Provincial Exams

New and Current Projects

Here are the projects that are actively being worked upon by our technicians

Improve Wireless Coverage in Schools

Over the next four months, we are undertaking the following work to bring better coverage to all schools

  • Map the wireless strength in all areas of all schools and identify the areas of weakest coverage (to be completed within the next month)
  • Arrange for the installation of power and wiring for those access points (within the next one to three months)
  • Install the access points (within the next two to four months)

Improve Wireless Connectivity at Belmont and Royal Bay

The wireless networks at our two new schools will be fine-tuned in the coming weeks to improve connectivity for both district-owned and guest devices. We are hoping to reduce or eliminate dropped connections, and improve the speed at which district-owned devices can login to the network, especially for first-time users.

Support Staff Workstation Replacement

We are currently assessing the viability of some workstations used by our support staff. These are mostly clerical staff in schools and in the district office. This work is necessary because the district is updating its Finance and Human Resources software, and some of our workstations will need to be upgraded to run the new system. Our goal is to have all of the necessary workstations identified, and replaced, before May 1st, 2016.

Thanks very much for reading and keeping up-to-date on our department’s work.

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