IT Service Request Portal Goes Live

Over the past few months, the district’s IT Department has been building a new service request portal. Basically, the portal is a place where the district’s teaching, administration, and support staff can visit in order to log a request for IT service. Upon visiting the portal, staff will need to login with their SD62 username and password. There they will be presented with options to request help/service, or order new equipment (from local budgets).

Using the portal has several advantages over calling the help desk:

  • Your service request is instantly recorded, and you will receive an email confirmation that your request has been logged.
    • Your email message will include a link to the ticket itself
    • You can review all of your open tickets at any time
    • As work proceeds on the ticket, you will get notified of any changes in its status
    • If you find more information, you can add it directly to the ticket as a comment
  • For most tickets, your request is assigned directly to the technician with the specific expertise for that area
  • Help Desk can focus on providing more one-on-one support for the users who need it on demand.
  • Since users can now check the status of their tickets from the portal themselves, Help Desk will no longer need to answer calls to check on the status of any requested work

In order to help us make the best use of this system, we ask that you use the following approach to decide how to request your work from the IT Department:

  1. If you have an emergency, and you need immediate service, please call the help desk directly at 250-474-9875.
    1. For everyone’s reference, one example of an emergency would be a¬†building wide failure of the network or of the Internet connection.
    2. We ask that you use judgement in determining if something is an emergency.
  2. If you have a more routine request for service, including repairs that are important (but not necessarily an emergency), then please use our portal.
    1. You also have the option of submitting your request by email.
    2. Requests received in this way are automatically added to the portal’s database.
    3. Generally speaking, submitting information via the portal gives us the best data in order to solve individual requests.

The portal’s address is If you’d prefer to submit your request via email, please address it to

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